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Global Foundation for Ethics & Spiritual Health (GFESH) was established in 2014 with the single objective to bring science & spirituality together. GFESH is today playing an instrumental role in bringing medical & healthcare practitioners together to evolve a new holistic healthcare system based on ethical principles.

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Complete List of Summits & Venues

GFESH Mumbai Jan 3, 2016: -Medical Profession: Welfare NOT warfare

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GFESH Hyderabad, July 24th 2016: Medical Profession at the Crossroads

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GFESH Mumbai, Jan 8 2017: Medical Profession:
Swastha Bharat Phirse

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A complete Doctor is one who is not arrogant but humble, honest and hard working.

Dr. Sanjay Oak, Vice Chancellor DY Patil

Temples, Schools and families are the institutes where we learn values. Ideally we should have a society without police station, Why do we need someone to monitor our behavior, but that is possible only when our upbringing is based on values.

V V Lakshmi Narayan , Additional Director General of Police in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Our action is based on values and our decision are driven by values.

Hrishikesh Arvind Mafatlal, Vice Chairman/Managing Dir, Mafatlal Industries Ltd

Our action is based on values and our decision are driven by values.

His Holiness Radhanath Swami, Guru, Community builder, Activist, and an Author.